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Shepard Settlement Farms Red Angus Cattle Foster Cedar 028
One of our very best cows, sired by Mulberry 26P x New Trend 22D going back to our original Cedar 922 cow.
Shepard Settlement Farms Red Angus Cattle


Foster's Cedar 822
Reg.# 1248437

This is a Cedar 922 daughter out of Coley’s Mojito 503r. She is a super productive, maternal cow. Recently extracted eggs which will be sired by New Direction from Andres

This is a picture of Cedar 822 was taken after raising a 756 lb bull calf that went to the Rich Red Angus bull sale in 2013 and sold for $6,500, she raised him over the summer of 2012 when we had no rain, he's doing a great job for Waywind Farm in Auburn NY. We're impressed with her traits.

Red Angus Cattle Foster's Chis 419
Reg# 953461
Red Angus Cattle
Ubar Ms Forster 438
Reg. # 979878 Owned with Rich Red Angus Vinton IA

Foster's Cedar 522
Reg # 1019429

BW 1.7 WW 41 YW 77 M 31 TM 51 S 11

Badlands Cedar 922
Reg. # 686473.

Sunr Fay's Roberta 002
Reg. # 712348

LCHM Abigal C1037
Reg.# 415044
EPDS 1.1-33-56-10-27-11

This cow was one of the best None Better daughters the breed saw. Talk about a foundation cow. I know she was in our herd and many others. My daughter continues her success with one of her granddaughters. This is a unique cow, we have a variety of eggs on her and out of her daughters.


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