Mike & Lynda Foster
4654 NW Townline Road Marcellus, NY 13108
(315) 673-1700   Cell 315-246-4425   Crowhillhardwoods@gmail.com

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Upcoming Sales


Shepard Setttlement Farm has a variety of animals for sale throughout the year on the farm in Marcellus. We will have select bulls for sale in the Spring, as well as bulls selling in March in Iowa.

Mike will be at the sale, coming back east with an empty trailer. 

Mike will be available on sale day at 315-246-4425 

Catalog online at richredangus.com


Brief description of wheel you are looking for:

Please allow 24 hours for a response to your request.





Home | Herd Sires |  Donor Cows | Embryos | Cattle |  Sales |  Links